“Ageing in Europe – Supporting Policies for an Inclusive Society”

Ed. by Börsch-Supan, Axel / Kneip, Thorsten / Litwin, Howard / Myck, Michal / Weber, Guglielmo; De Gruyter, 2015The volume is based on the recent SHARE data and includes the following chapters written by CeRP affiliates:

Flavia Coda Moscarola, Anna Cristina d’Addio, Elsa Fornero and Mariacristina Rossi “Reverse mortgage: a tool to reduce old age poverty without sacrificing social inclusion”

Mauro Mastrogiacomo and Michele Belloni “Becoming self-employed at ages 50+: true entrepreneurship or exclusion from (wage-)employment?”

Michele Belloni, Agar Brugiavini, Elena Meschi and Giacomo Pasini “Does training help retaining older workers into employment? Evidence from the SHARE survey”

The book is available as both open access online content as well as in hardcopy.