Assessing financial literacy in 12 countries: an OECD Pilot Exercise

by Adele Atkinson and Flore-Anne Messy; CeRP WP N. 115/11

The paper has been realized for the Netspar Theme grant project Financial Literacy: Evidence and Implications for Retirement Planning, Saving Behavior, and Financial Education Programs” and presented at the CeRP workshop “Financial Literacy around the World” (FLat World) (Collegio Carlo Alberto, 20-21 December 2010).


The OECD International Network on Financial Education has developed a questionnaire to undertake an international comparison of levels of financial literacy. This questionnaire takes into account knowledge, behaviours and attitudes related to personal finances, and seeks to identify similarities and differences in levels of financial literacy around the world. It is currently being piloted in 12 countries, with the expectation that the final survey instrument will become an essential tool for policy makers, academics and financial education programme designers seeking to identify robust questions to assess financial literacy.


Published: March 2011

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