New CeRP working papers

N° 140/14 Seven Ways to Knit Your Portfolio: Is Investor Communication Neutral? di Cecilia Boggio, Elsa Fornero, Henriette Prast, Jose Sanders   

N° 141/14 Family ties: occupational responses to cope with a household income shock di Massimo Baldini, Costanza Torricelli, Maria Cesira Urzì Brancati 

N° 142/14 Equally-weighted Risk Contribution Portfolios: an empirical study using expected shortfall di Elisabetta Cagna, Giulio Casuccio   

The first paper opens a new line of research for CeRP, centered on possible barriers created by financial language to financial participation by women.

Metaphors used in communication targeted to potential investors usually come from masculine worlds, such as war, competitions and physical activities. A gender biased language can be an additional factor in explaining the gender gap in financial decision making and the lower financial inclusion of women.

Women’s financial inclusion will be one of the topics addresses by the next CINTIA conference, hosted at the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

The second paper is centered on intra-family labor supply responses to an income shock suffered by one of its members. Results show significant reactions, particularly during the great recession.

The third extends and applies to Italian data a new technique (the Equally-weighted Risk Contribution strategy), devised after the recent financial crisis in order to provide effective responses to the problem of increased financial volatility.  Results show a superiority of ERC portfolios.  

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