Workshop in capital markets: Stefan Hochguertel

24 marzo 2011, h 12:00

“Wealth mobility and dynamics over entire individual working life cycles”

by Stefan Hochguertel (VU University Amsterdam)


We study taxable wealth in unique Swedish administrative data, annually following a large sample of households over a period of almost 40 years. The main data limitation is non-observability of wealth for those below the tax exemption level. This implies that much of the focus of the paper is on the rich, since we are confined to those whose wealth becomes taxable over time. We exploit the long panel dimension by estimating dynamic fixed effects models for limited dependent variables that allow for unobserved individual heterogeneity in both constants and autoregressive parameters, and for a rich set of controls to account  for heterogeneity through observables. We find substantial wealth mobility over the long time spans, partly accounted for by life-cycle behavior, while sufficiently capturing dynamics by an AR(1) process at the individual level.

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