New book: “Ageing, Health and Pensions in Europe: An Economic and Social Policy Perspective”

with a chapter by Elsa Fornero, Chiara Monticone and Annamaria Lusardi


The volume, edited by Lans Bovenberg, Arthur Van Soest and Asghar Zaidi and published by Palgrave Macmillian, is a collection of the contributions realized within the Forward Look Project “Ageing, Health and Pensions in Europe”. This study, supported by the European Science Foundation, has been realized by an international group of researchers including Elsa Fornero, Chiara Monticone and Annamaria Lusardi, and coordinated by Netspar.

The book presents an overview of the future research challenges for economists and other social scientists concerning population ageing, pensions, health and social care in Europe. It also discusses the role of research in contributing to the European social and economic policy debate.


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