CeRP contributes to the Italian Month of Financial Education

In Italy October is the Financial Education Month, an initiative launched by the National Committee for the Planning and Coordination of Financial Education Activities to raise awareness about financial literacy and promote financial education.

Economic Financial Literacy (Financial Literacy, FL for short) and wealth management are core basic skills key to improve personal financial well-being and achieve a more responsible citizenship. Research has shown that mastering these set of skills is crucial to achieve a better standard of living; the importance of financial education programs, in particular those targeted to at-risk groups, is widely recognized by Governments and international organization.

CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto, which has a long-run commitment towards financial education, contributes to the Financial Education Month organizing/participating in three online events:

October 21, 2021, 6:30pm (held in Italian) | “Non è mai troppo presto. Cosa serve sapere per una pensione sicura”
An interview to Elsa Fornero and Giovanna Nicodano (University of Turin and CeRP) by the Associazione Allievi del Collegio Carlo Alberto. Held in Italian, more details will be available soon.

October 28, 2021, 6pm | Collegio Aperto “Financial education: A vaccine against economic vulnerability?” / L’educazione finanziaria come anticorpo alla vulnerabilità economica
Annamaria Lusardi, George Washington University School of Business, Director of Italy’s Financial Education Committee
Held in Italian, with simultaneous translation in English. 

October 28-29, 2021 | Workshop “Why Financial Literacy is increasingly important and increasingly multifaceted | organized by CeRP & Collegio Carlo Alberto in collaboration with SIE
(Held in English).

Also, Elsa Fornero will participate in the conference “Perchè le riforme economiche sono difficili e spesso poco efficaci” organized by Confindustria Genova, October 21, 11:00 am.

Info about the initiative and the list of events linked to the Financial Education Month can be found on the website of the Committee: http://www.quellocheconta.gov.it/