CINTIA second conference

“Towards a greater financial inclusion: Gender perspectives on savings, borrowing and insurance”

November 24-25, 2014 download papers and presentations

2014 cintia conference

Programme Committee: Agar Brugiavini, Margherita Borella, Elsa Fornero, Vincenzo Galasso, Giacomo Pasini, Maria Cristina Rossi, Lorenzo Savorelli, Eva Sierminska.



November 24

h 18:00 Welcome and introduction: Agar Brugiavini (University of Venice Cà Foscari); Elsa Fornero (University of Turin and CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto)

h 18:15  Keynote speech: Axel Börsch-Supan (MEA) “Flexible Retirement

November 25

§    Section 1 (chair: Richard Disney, University of Sussex and IFS)

h 9:00 Melanie Lührmann (Royal Holloway, University of London) “Gender Differences in Financial Literacy: Evidence from German Teenagers” (with A. Driva and J. Winter)

h 9:30 Leonore Riitsalu (Estonian Business School) “Gender differences in financial literacy. Does no difference really mean no difference?”

h 10:00 Maarten Van Rooij (De Nederlandsche Bank and Netspar): “Women, confidence, and financial literacy” (with T. Bucher-Koenen, R. Alessie and A. Lusardi)

h 10:30 Danilo Cavapozzi (University of Venice) “The effect of financial education on literacy and behavior: evidence from the  field (and from the lab)” (with A. Brugiavini, M. Padula and Y. Pettinicchi)

h 11:00  coffee break

§    Section 2 (chair: Vincenzo Galasso, Bocconi University)

h 11:30 Anna D’Addio (OECD) “Pension entitlements of women with children: the role of credits within pension systems in OECD countries”

h 12:00 Patrice De Micco (Bocconi University) “The Gender Effect of Minimum Pension Reforms: Evidence from Spain”

h 12:30 Henriette Prast (Tilburg University) “Seven ways to knit your portfolio: is investor communication neutral?” (with C. Boggio, E. Fornero and J. Sanders)

h 13:00 lunch break

h 14:00 Keynote speech: Maristella Botticini (Bocconi University) “Intergenerational Transfers in Comparative and Historical Perspective”

§    Section 3 (chair: Giovanna Nicodano, University of Turin and CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto)

h 15:15 Marie Brière (AMUNDI and Paris Dauphine University) “Does Regulation Matter? Riskiness and Procyclicality in Pension Asset Allocation” (with L. Boon and S. Rigot)

h 15:45 Mariacristina Rossi (University of Turin and CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto) “Life Insurance demand. Evidence from Italian households with a gender twist” (with E. Luciano and F. Petri)

h 16:15 coffee break

h 16:30 Eva Sierminska (CEPS/INSTEAD) “Single again? Asset and portfolio changes (due to shock)” (with M.C. Rossi)

h 17:00 Bertrand Achou (University Paris 1 and University of Venice) “Long-Term Care Insurance, Housing Demand and Decumulation”

h 18:00 Onorato Castellino Lecture: Pierre André Chiappori (Columbia University) “The Economics of Risk: Old Principles, New Challenges”