Finkit financial education tools

CeRP and its Finkit partners have developed a set of financial education tools targeted to older people.

This set of tools is to be used as a support for social operators to approach and successfully transfer financial knowledge to individuals at risk with the purpose of helping older people to deal with some of the risks that can be associated to their age: financial fragility, risk of being the victim of frauds or manipulations. The tools are meant to be employed in financial education programmes as well as in informal training sessions.

The kit is composed of resources on paper and digital tools:


– 25 CARDS  with the definitions of the financial concepts addressed in the tools



available at

Through FinKit we hope to support the development of economic-financial education as an essential element of citizenship. Indeed, it is important that operators assisting older people can implement measures to actively involve the beneficiaries of the programs, so as to promote their social inclusion, making them more aware of the good practices for better wealth management.