FOCUS: Italy condemned by EU Court of Justice

for gender differences in retirement age.

The European Court of Justice has condemned Italy for the pension regime of public employees (INPDAP). The Court judged that the gender difference in retirement age (65 years for men and 60 and women) provided for in this public pension sheme is at odds with the EU principle of equal treatment.

The text of the sentence (Italian only)

A comment (Italian only): “Lo spunto per dire addio a tutele fittizie” by Elsa Fornero and Chiara Monticone, il Sole 24ore, 14.11.2008

On December 13, the Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta has proposed to increase the retirement age of female public employees from 60 to 65 years, so as to meet the requirement of the Court.

The news from Il Sole 24ore (13.12.2008, Italian only)

A comment by Elsa Fornero (14.12.2008, Italian only)

The work in progress by the commission appointed to study the issue (January 2009) full text summary (from the Ministry website; Italian only)