Le partecipazioni di Elsa Fornero a conferenze internazionali

Nel 2014 Elsa Fornero è stata invitata come relatore a molti prestigiosi eventi, organizzati da università, fondazioni e organismi internazionali:

Seminar: “Translating Research into Policies: The Case of the Italian Pension Reform“, February 10, 2014, World Bank, Washington, DC.(speaker)

Jobs and Growth Seminar at the IMF: “The Italian Pension and Labor Market Reform – An Economist-turned-policy maker’s view”, February 26, 2014, Washington, DC. (speaker)

Conference “Financial and economic education for better and more successful reforms”, 10th March 2014, Ramón Areces Foundation, Madrid. (speaker)

Conference: “Does Europe Matter? Ideas Lab”, organized by CEPS, Brussels, 3/4 April 2014 (discussion leader)

3rd Berlin Demography Forum “Security – Trust – Solidarity”, Berlin, 9-10 April 2014 (panelist)

Seminar at the Institute of Fiscal Studies, London, 06 May 2014 (speaker)

Seminar “Shrinking, Stagnating or Recovering? What Future for Italy?” at the Italian Society of the LondonSchool of Economics, London 07 May 2014 (speaker)

Round Table on “Labor Market Challenges and Opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, organized by the World Bank, Sarajevo, 15 May 2014 (panelist).

25th Annual General Assembly and Conference of the European Foundation Center “Rethinking Europe: Solidarity, Civil Society and Political Governance”, Sarajevo, 16 May 2014 (speaker).

Conference “Balancing flexibility with fairness in the labor market. Can Poland learn from international experience?” organized by the World Bank and the Polish Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Warsaw, 28-29 May 2014 (keynote speaker).

Conference “The Economics of Long Term Care” at the TIGER FORUM 2014, organized by Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse, 2-4 June 2014 (speaker). VIDEO

Seminar at the Dutch Central Bank, 1 July 2014

2014 International Institute of Public Finance meeting, IIPF, Lugano, August 2014 (speaker)

Conference “Promoting gender balance in decision making” – organized by the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Rome, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, 9 July 2014 (Panelist)

40th Anniversary Symposium of the European Centre “The Future of Welfare in a Global Europe”, Vienna, September 2014 (speaker)

KU Leuven Euroforum conference “Which Social Dimension for the European Union? Normative, Political, Legal and Economic Perspectives”, KU Leuven, 16 September 2014 (discussant)

High-level expert conference organized by the European Commission “Labour Economics After the Crisis: What theoretical lessons to draw from policy experience?”, Bruxelles, 18 September 2014  (Panelist)

Seminar on ageing and labour markets, Institute for Structural Research, Warsaw, September 2014

Polish Pension Group expert meeting, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, September 2014 (panelist)

 2nd Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy, organized by OECD and GFLEC, Paris, November 2014 (moderator)

Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy Annual conference “Europeanisation of Social Law and Social Policy”, Munich, November 2014 (speaker) DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION


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