New CeRP working papers

N. 60, 61 and 62

Three new contributions have been added to the CeRP Working Papers series:

N. 60/07 La Previdenza Complementare in Italia:Caratteristiche, Sviluppo e Opportunità per i Lavoratori by Riccardo Cesari, Giuseppe Grande, Fabio Panetta

N. 61/07 Effects of the Introduction of a Funded Pillar on the Russian Household Savings: Evidence from the 2002 Pension Reform by Irina Kovrova

N. 62/07 Does Consumption Respond to Predicted Increases in Cash-on-hand Availability? Evidence from the Italian “Severance Pay” by Margherita Borella, Elsa Fornero, Mariacristina Rossi

The papers can be downloaded from the PUBLICATIONS page.