New working papers from the “FLat World” project

The full set of papers presented at the workshop “Financial Literacy around the World” (FLat World), held on December 20-21 at the Collegio Carlo Alberto, has been added to the CeRP working papers series.

The papers have been realized for the Netspar Theme grant project Financial Literacy: Evidence and Implications for Retirement Planning, Saving Behavior, and Financial Education Programs” and, in particular, within the “FLat World” project. Here is the list of papers:

WP 106/11 Annamaria Lusardi, Olivia S. Mitchell “Financial Literacy Around the World: An Overview”

WP 107/11 Annamaria Lusardi Olivia S. Mitchell “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in the United States”

WP 108/11 Shizuka Sekita “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in Japan”

WP 109/11Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Annamaria Lusardi “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in Germany”

WP 110/11 Rob Alessie, Maarten Van Rooij, Annamaria Lusardi “Financial Literacy, Retirement Preparation and Pension Expectations in the Netherlands”

WP 111/11 Elsa Fornero, Chiara Monticone “Financial Literacy and Pension Plan Participation in Italy”

WP 112/11 Johan Almenberg, Jenny Säve-Söderbergh “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in Sweden”

WP 113/11 Diana Crossan, David Feslier, Roger Hurnard “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in New Zealand”

WP 114/11 Leora Klapper, Georgios A. Panos “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in View of a Growing Youth Demographic: The Russian Case”

WP 115/11 Adele Atkinson, Flore-Anne Messy “Assessing financial literacy in 12 countries: an OECD Pilot Exercise”

WP 116/11 Annamaria Lusardi, Daniel Schneider, Peter Tufano “Financially Fragile Households: Evidence and Implications”