Edlira Narazani

Research fellow; fiscal policy analyst and labor economistEdlira Nazarani

Research areas: Public Economics

Short Bio
Edlira Narazani is a fiscal policy analyst and labor economist.
Before joining the CeRP in 2023, Edlira has worked for six years at the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission, where she carried out research and analyses in the area of public economics with special focus on labor supply modelling and tax policies. In particular, she has contributed to develop the EU wide labour supply demand microsimulation model that is extensively used by the Joint Research Centre for assessing behavioral effects of fiscal reforms in the context of the European Semester. Edlira holds a PhD in European Economic Studies and a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Turin. Her research interests are in the fields of optimal taxation, labor economics and public economics.

E-mail: edliran@hotmail.com