Successful completion and high evaluation for the ANGLE Project

We are proud to share that the project ANGLE, coordinated by CeRP, got outstanding final evaluation results by the Italian Erasmus+ agency INDIRE, reaching an overall score of 96/100.

The financial education project  – carried out from 2020 to 2023 by a consortium of 8 European institutions – aimed at promoting and enhancing younger generations’ Economic and Financial Literacy through a series of tools (booklets, a board game and videos) based on a life-cycle approach.

In the INDIRE evaluation, the project obtained high scores across all evaluation categories, reflecting its strategic relevance, effective project design and implementation, quality of the partnership, and significant impact.

Following this positive assessment, INDIRE highlighted the project as a best practice on the Erasmus+ Project Results platform, showcasing its excellence and innovation in the field of financial literacy/education.

Given the efforts and dedication by the whole partnership in achieving the project goals, we believe this is a well-deserved recognition, and we invite everybody to check out the project results at