WEBINAR “Financial education in a life-cycle perspective”

March 24, 2022 | 3pm

The webinar is co-organized by CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto, the Dutch Money Week and the Italian Financial Education Committee.

On the occasion of the Global Money Week, CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto presents the booklets series “Be in charge of your life-cycle”, the first output of the ANGLE project (“A network game for life-cycle education”), funded by the Erasmus+ EU programme and meant to enhance the Financial Literacy of young people. The project includes other two outputs, a table game and a set of videos, co-created with a group of students aged 18-22 from the different countries participating in the project.
The project adopts a life-cycle perspective to help the young to consider a long-time horizon and to think about the future consequences of their decisions. The booklets present four crucial decision points: whether to keep studying or enter the labour market; to buy or rent a house; to consume or save; to save for retirement. The booklets attempt to shed light on the fundamental economic concepts involved in these decisions.

The booklets will be available for download shortly after the event at www.angle-cerp.carloalberto.org.

Welcome: Chiara Monticone, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD/GMW (also moderator)
Opening talk:
Oscar de Grave, Project manager, Dutch Money Week
Carlotta Rossi, Senior economist, Bank of Italy, Coordinator of the GMW on behalf of the Italian Financial Education Committee
Presentation of the ANGLE booklets: Elsa Fornero and Marco Disarò (CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto)
Closing remarks: Chiara Monticone


Learn more about the project at www.angle-cerp.carloalberto.org