Discover the ANGLE Financial Literacy booklet series

CeRP launches the set of Financial Education booklets “Be in charge of your life cycle”

Economic and Financial Literacy (FL) is basic knowledge possibly to be acquired early in life to make individual financial decisions better informed and more effective.

That is why CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto participates in the international project ANGLE “A Network Game for Life-cycle Education”.
The main goal of ANGLE is to promote and increase FL among young people. The starting point is the ‘life course principle’, which encourages young people to think about the consequences that financial choices can have for their future.

CeRP launches the first output of ANGLE: a set of 5 booklets about financial life-cycle key aspects.
In line with the life-cycle approach of the project, the booklets present four crucial decision points: whether to keep studying or enter the labour market; to buy or rent a house; to consume or save; to save for retirement. The booklets attempt to shed light on the fundamental economic concepts involved in these decisions.

The booklets are available for free download at Comments are welcome!

You may rewatch the presentation webinar here.