Italy condemned by Eu Court of Justice for gender differences in retirement age

The equalization becomes law

On June 3 the European Union has soliceted Italy to comply with the requirements expressed in the 2008 Judgement of the Court of Justice regarding the pension regime of public employees (INPDAP).

The Court judged that the gender difference in retirement age (65 years for men and 60 and women) provided for in this public pension sheme is at odds with the EU principle of equal treatment.
In 2009 Italy tried to comply by legislating a gradual increase of women’s retirement age. According to the Court, the measure is inadequate, as equalization of treatment will only be achieved in 2018.
In July 2010 Italy has complied with the EU request by legislating (law 122, 31/07/2010) the equalization of retirement age starting from 2012.



The law 122

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