New CeRP working papers

Three new contributions have been added to the CeRP working paper series

N° 143/14 “A Reporting Standard for Defined Contribution Pension Plans” by Kees de Vaan, Daniele Fano, Herialt Mens, Giovanna Nicodano

N° 144/14 “Economic-financial literacy and (sustainable) pension reforms: why the former is a key ingredient for the latter” by Elsa Fornero

N° 145/14 “Drivers of performance in primary education in Togo” by Johannes G. Hoogeveen, Mariacristina Rossi, Dario Sansone

The first paper illustrates a method to monitor the risk connected to investments in pension funds, based on the projection of expected benefits and the analysis of ex-post fund performance.

The second paper discusses economic-financial literacy as a key factor for implementing economic reforms. The paper considers in particular pension reforms, arguing that more financially literate citizens can better understand the design and expected benefits of the reforms, and be thus less adverse to changes.

The third paper analyses data from Togo to evaluate the factors improving/hindering the school performance in different regions, concluding that the availability of resources is a fundamental driver of good performance.

The papers can be downloaded at: