Mopact International Workshop

“Financial Literacy and Pension-related Communication for better Retirement and Long-term Financial Decisions” 8-9 September 2016

Organized by CeRP – Collegio Carlo Alberto and Netspar as part of the the project “Mobilising the potential of active ageing in Europe (MOPACT)”, funded by the EC under the 7th Framework Programme. The aim of the workshop is to bring together both theoretical and empirical researchers on the determinants of saving for retirement and other long-term financial decisions, with emphasis on the role of financial literacy, pension-related communication and behavioral aspects in financial domains.

Programme Committee: Piotr Białowolski, Flavia Coda Moscarola, Elsa Fornero, Mariacristina Rossi, Arthur van Soest.



Session 1: Financial literacy ǀ Chair: Elsa Fornero

Michael Hurd (RAND) “Probability Numeracy: Measurement and Applications” (with P. Hudomiet, S. Rohwedder)
Discussant: Adriaan Kalwij (Utrecht University)

Tatiana Aubram (St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences) and Gabrielle Wanzenried (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning – A Comparative Study for Austria and Switzerland” (with M. Kovarova-Simecek)
Discussant: Mauro Mastrogiacomo (De Nederlandsche Bank)

Milena Dinkova (Utrecht University) “Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning – A Comparative Study for Austria and Switzerland” (with R. Alessie, A. Kalwij)
Discussant: Serena Trucchi (UCL)

Session 2: Heterogeneity in pension choices ǀ Chair: Arthur Van Soest

Wiebke Eberhardt (Maastricht University) “Segmentation of Pension Plan Participants: Identifying Dimensions of Heterogeneity” (with E. Brüggen, C. Hoet, T. Post)
Discussant: Piotr Białowolski (University of Turin)

Inka Eberhardt (Maastricht University) “Yes we know! The relationship between (under-) confidence in pension knowledge and retirement savings decisions” (with R. Bauer, A. E. Greenberg, P. Smeets)
Discussant: Mariacristina Rossi (University of Turin and CeRP)

Vincenzo Andrietti (University of Chieti and Pescara), “Auto-enrollment, Matching, and Participation in 401(k) Plans”
Discussant: Arthur van Soest (Tilburg University and Netspar)

Session 3: Communication, information and retirement decisions ǀ Chair: Mariacristina Rossi (University of Turin)

Costanza Torricelli (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), “Individual heterogeneity and pension choices: How to communicate an effective message?” (with G. Gallo, A. van Soest)
Discussant: Gianna Giannelli (University of Florence)

Felix Villatoro (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez) “Personalized Information as a Tool to Improve Pension Savings: Results from a Randomized Control Trial in Chile” (with O. Fuentes, J. Lafortune, J. Riutort, J. Tessada)
Discussant: Mauro Mastrogiacomo (De Nederlandsche Bank)

Hazel Bateman (University of New South Wales) “Flicking the Switch: How Fee and Return Disclosures Drive Retirement Plan Choice” (with I. Dobrescu, B. Newell, A. Ortmann, S. Thorp)
Discussant: Anna Maffioletti (University of Turin)

Yue Li (VU Amsterdam) “The displacement effect of compulsory pension savings on private savings: An identification strategy using institutional differences across occupations in the Netherlands” (with R. Dillingh, M. Mastrogiacomo)
Discussant: Federica Teppa (De Nederlandsche Bank)


Session 4: Risk, investment and insurance ǀ Chair: Elisa Luciano (University of Turin)

Alessandro Bucciol (University of Verona) “Can risk averse households make risky investments? The role of trust in others” (with B. Cavasso, L. Zarri)
Discussant: Flavia Coda Moscarola (CeRP)

Enrica Croda (University of Venice) “The Health of Disability Insurance Enrollees: An International Comparison” (with J. Skinner, L. Yasaitis)
Discussant: Silvia Gatti (University of Bologna)

Ricky Kanabar (University of Essex), “To defer or not defer? UK state pension and work decisions in a lifecycle model” (with P. Simmons)
Discussant: Riccardo Calcagno (Lyon Business School)

Session 5: Policy issues in pension savings ǀ Chair: Robert Holzmann (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Antonello Motroni (Mefop), “The impact of financial crisis on savings decisions: evidences from Italian Pension funds” (with L. Di Gialleonardo, M. Marè, F. Porcelli)
Discussant: Simone Tedeschi (University of Rome-La Sapienza)

Eduard Ponds (Tilburg University) “Framing and the Annuitization Decision – Experimental Evidence from a Dutch Pension Fund” (with C. Bockweg, O. Steenbeek, J. Vonken)
Discussant: Luca Regis (IMT School for Advanced Studies – Lucca)

Ambrogio Rinaldi (COVIP), “Pension Projections and Risk Indicators for Pension Plan Members: Recent Experiences and Policy Issues” (with S. Ceccarelli)
Discussant: Elisa Luciano (University of Turin)