Elsa Fornero has been recently appointed member of the newly created Research Committee of the OECD International Network on Financial Education (INFE) and IZA as 'Policy Fellow'. [...]

The paper "Optimal life-cycle portfolios for heterogeneous workers" by Fabio Bagliano, Carolina Fugazza, Giovanna Nicodano (University of Turin and CeRP) has been published on the Review of Finance (vol. 18-6, 2014, pp. 2283-2323)

N° 140/14 Seven Ways to Knit Your Portfolio: Is Investor Communication Neutral? di Cecilia Boggio, Elsa Fornero, Henriette Prast, Jose Sanders   

N° 141/14 Family ties: occupational responses to cope with a household income shock di Massimo Baldini, Costanza Torricelli, Maria Cesira Urzì Brancati 

N° 142/14 Equally-weighted Risk Contribution Portfolios: an empirical study using expected shortfall di Elisabetta Cagna, Giulio Casuccio   

The first paper opens a new line of research for CeRP, centered on possible barriers created by financial language to financial participation by women.